WordPress Blogs Attacked by Hackers

Bloggers and sites using the most popular blogging platform, WordPress, is reportedly being attacked by hackers. A collective of hackers targets blog and acquire user login details for those who are in the administrator levels.

To webmasters that use the login name “admin” are the most susceptible from the hacking attacks. The hackers developed a botnet virus to commence with the attacks.

Reports say that the botnet virus works by using the login name “admin” and then working on with a great deal of passwords that are commonly used, matches it until the login is successful.

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress founder, advised those users who use the login name “admin” to change it as well as the password. He suggested to use complicated combinations so hackers will be having a hard time accessing your wordpress. The blogging platform team also added a feature to further protect their blogs by activating the two-factor-authentication. This is currently available in WordPress.

Blogs intruded will result in slow loading speed and or inability to access blogs. If you think you are a victim of the attack, we suggest contacting WordPress right away. Please prepare some proofs that you own the attacked blog or site.

WordPress hacks