World-Renowned Director Shots a Major Movie Using Just an iPhone

A movie alleged to be the very first cinema-standard film to be shot exclusively on the iPhone has been premiered by distinguished South Korean director Park Chan-Wook.

Night Fishing” is alleged to have similar picture resolution as conventional movies, yet got just 80 people, 150 million won ($133,000) and 10 days to make.

Chan-Wook at first intended the project, which is a 30-minute film concerning a dreamlike meeting between a fisherman and a female shaman (medium), just for fun.

He informed Yonhap news agency in an interview after the premier, “Innovative technology forever gives amusement and helpful features. Trying them is a component of the enjoyment.”

However the director, greatly recognized globally for “Oldboy” and “Thirst” which won Cannes festival prizes, revealed unanticipated advantages.

He said, “It was a latest knowledge evaluated with creating a carefully designed movie. Even an unofficial and impulsive shot brought a shock.”

“It feels like there were additional alternatives.”

director Park Chan-Wook

The sights were shot at the same time with two iPhones from diverse angles, although staffers as well added with footages on their individual iPhones.

Park Chan-Wool said, “Several of them had a suddenly appealing angle,” telling the procedure as extra self-ruled while everybody with a smartphone helped.

The agency on behalf of Park Chan-Wook which is PROne alleged the iPhone movie would be the first ever to be publicized in cinemas.

The medium would not be more important than the message, Park Chan-Wook said.

He informed Yonhap that “Creating a film with smartphones may produce more attention at present. However as moment passes by, stories and actors on screen will be noticed as further significant.

One and only local agent for the iPhone, KT Corporation which has sold 1.8 million units in South Korea since November 2009, partly financed the film.

From January 27 for four days, the movie, co-directed by Park and his brother Park Chan-Kyong, will be shown in 10 cinemas countrywide.