Xbox 360 for $99

Here’s nice kick for the gamer out there. A news spreading across the internet that Microsoft is going to sell their popular gaming console Xbox 360 for $99 – plus! subscription fee. But the Washington-based company did not confirm the rumors yet, but if so, it might dominate every spaces in the living room in every family in the U.S.

Video game consoles is a very expensive investment, and companies like Microsoft has been playing in the market for quite a while now with their unique Xbox 360. If users or gamers wants the latest gaming hardware, it will mean big amount of bucks, we might expect hundreds of dollars for that but Xbox-maker Microsoft might change that view in the near future.

Based on a newly released report coming from The Verge, Microsoft could release a subsidized package of Xbox 360 for $99 maybe next week, it will come with the hottest Kinect controller and a 4GB version of the console, Kinect Motion Sensor might be sold separately for $149. Business models would be much like cellphone plans but here’s the thing, instead of paying monthly for the carrier which contract would be locked for 2 years, Xbox buyers will sign a 2-year commitment to pay $15 a month for additional contents and Xbox Live Gold. Cutting the contract is possible but you have to pay an early termination fee that will cover the 2-year payment.

If you think about it…In the long run, consumers will likely end up paying more as it will total to $459 against paying for the bundle version without any subscription for only $299, though this strategy could increase the sales. Microsoft’s Xbox consoles sales in the U.S. were down in spite of dominating as the best selling console for 16 months now and counting. Dropped down to 48% in 2012 as compared to last year. Cutting the price down could put back the sales up. If they signed up for the commitment, they will be locked in the experience for 2 years but penalty should be paid if you want to stop.