Xbox Services down

Xbox Services Currently Down; Microsoft Delays Release of Minecraft in Xbox 360

For those who can’t connect to the Xbox LIVE account, don’t worry because you are not alone with this issue.

Many Xbox LIVE services are currently down down and Microsoft is doing its part to fix the issue. This outage seems to be a bad timing, i mean every problems are bad timing, but this week is the double experience for the Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Since Thursday, there were connection issues reported with the gamers trying to access their saved files for games such as Minecraft and FM radio streams. Today, Microsoft announced that if players are still having the problems, please check back every after 30 minutes for any updates.

Other services seems to be running fine except for some games such as COD: Black Ops which is currently having the double XP and will end Monday afternoon. Players are making use of every second within the event as much as possible because it rarely happens and this is a good chance. This event is said to be a blowout for the COD: Black Ops II’s uprising DLC which is anticipated to come out in the next 3 days.

However, Microsoft is working very hard and making use of every available resource to fix the problem. The company also postponed the release of Mincecraft in Xbox 360 on June 4. No details released why they moved the schedule but they promised to included the latest content when it is released.

Xbox Services down