Xbox/Windows Phone Link, Demoed by Microsoft through Giant Cats

kinectimalsqrsMicrosoft has been touting Windows Phone 7’s Xbox Live functionality since day one, although it is for all time felt only a little lacking.  You could look at your cute little avatar and play games that bump your gamer score, but where is the connectivity with the Xbox experience we observed in demos similar to this one?

It would appear the folks in Redmond are not quite there so far, yet a demo at their GamesFest in Seattle on Monday morning explains us that the idea has not fallen by the wayside so far.

Microsoft and the Kinectimals group boasted a novel method of moving a fuzzy friend from inside the Kinectimals Xbox game onto a Windows Phone.  Players who have grown-up loving of the pets on their Xbox could have the game produce a QR code that could be scanned by the Kinectimals mobile app.  Players may get photos with the camera and deliberately their pets in them for kicks while on the phone.

When players get tired of taking their small digital tiger around, the app produces a related QR code that gets scanned by the Kinect camera and the pet gets reimported into the game.

The Kinectimals connection is part of the plans of Microsoft to strengthen the ties between their hugely well-known Xbox Live platform and Windows Phone 7. It’s about time: it is one thing for Microsoft to use the Xbox Live brand to gamer their mobile OS several gamer cred, but it is nigh-useless if that experience does not deliver. The only other game before Kinectimals that featured any type of mixing as WPcentral points out with its home counterpart was Full House Poker which permitted gamers to carry their prize between play sessions.

Microsoft is looking at potentially owning a large part of the mobile gaming space if they can only get their A-game on between today’s demo and the ideas they have already come up with.