Yahoo Japan to Adopt Google’s Search Technology

Yahoo Japan will adopt the Google’s search engine. Yahoo Japan is considered to be the largest Internet portal operator. Currently, Japan is still using Yahoo Inc’s search technology. But Yahoo Japan is planning to be with Google also. With having this two largest search engines, Yahoo and Google, together they could control the search market of the Internet.

This plan is still in complete conflict due to Yahoo Inc’s decision to integrate its search technology with Microsoft after the government of the United States blocked a connection with Google.

Yahoo Japan was motivated to adopt Google’s search technology because they find Microsoft’s search technology as weak. According to Yahoo Japan’s President, Masahiro Inoue, the Japanese company had a careful and full detailed investigation, and they found out that Microsoft’s technology is not enough for their needs. They cited an example like the Japanese language search capabilities as weak.

Yahoo Japan is hoping that the deal of adopting Google’s search technology will strengthen their standing as the No. 1 in the domestic market. Furthermore, Yahoo Japan is planning to adopt Google’s search-linked advertisement and delivery system and feed its data to Google sites.

According to Mitsushige Akino, the chief manager at Ichiyoshi Investment Management stated that if the deal partnership between Yahoo and Google will work well, other search engines and portal sites will also adopt Google’s search technology.