Yahoo Sues Facebook

Yahoo, one of the biggest internet search engine and Internet pioneer which has pined away faster and much more innovative competitors like Google and Facebook, appears to have come to a conclusion that “if you can’t beat them, sue them”.

Really a high risk step that makes clear that Yahoo’s name as a company which could no more be competitive on the merits in the technology world. Furthermore, it risks the company’s so far a big and successful relationship with the Facebook as the social networking leader.

“We’re disappointed that Yahoo, a longtime business partner of Facebook and a company that has substantially benefited from its association with Facebook, has decided to resort to litigation,” according to speaker from Facebook in a statement. “We will defend ourselves vigorously against these puzzling actions.” he/she added.

When the company named their new chief executive, Scott Thompson, this particular column suggested that to change around Yahoo he recquires to restart an innovation engine that clambered out in years past. Yahoo’s best option would be to remain competitive in the technology environment just how Silicon Valley companies have for many years: Through releasing powerful services and products.

This statement implies that Yahoo went to a different path – rather than becoming a member of a group of personas which have consistently declared ownership of the popular social network Facebook, just like the Winklevoss twins and Paul Ceglia.

Many as well state that Yahoo is copying the strategies of companies recognized as patent trolls, that gather patents primarily just to make big companies pay them licensing fees threatened by lawsuits.