Yield Software Integrates with Marchex for Search Engine Marketers

The leading provider of next-generation marketing technology, Yield Software, has announced that the company’s top lead Yield Web Marketing Suite for Advertisers and for Agencies will be in partnership with Marchex Call Analytics. With this partnership, advertisers and agencies can now have the option to “track and optimize sales and conversions from search engine pay-per-click ads that results to telephone calls” as compared to the earlier experience of only an online transaction.

The founder and CEO of Yield Software, Matt Maden expressed that many online advertisers consider telephone calls as the conversion event by their search engine ads. He further supplements that “by integrating with Marchex, the leader in call analytics, advertisers or their agencies managing campaigns in the Yield Web Marketing Suite are now able to effectively track and evaluate the efficacy of their pay-per-click ads with a cal conversion event.”

Advertisers find search engines to be effective with regard to identifying and targeting its users and potential users at the height of their product interest. The most effective means of completing transactions between users and the company, and answering queries from customers is the telephone call.

The Vice President of Directory Assistants Inc. Michael Cody explained “as specialists in search and directional marketing for small and mid-size businesses, disproportionate number of our clients rely on calls as their conversion for pay-per-click ads.” With the incorporation of Yield Web Marketing Suite for Agencies, advertisers are “able to effectively manage pay-per-click campaigns across Google, Yahoo! And Bing search engines.” This enables them to accurately attribute each conversion to the right campaign source.

In addition to this partnership, advertisers and agencies will “have greater visibility into the impact of their marketing initiatives and can ensure they effectively leverage search engine marketing as a key component of their marketing mix.”