YouTube Celebrates 57th Anniversary of VHS with Tape Mode on Some Videos

Remember how we get excited opening the big boxes containing the VHS tapes to watch movies using the VCR? It sure does get nostalgic remembering those days especially when you have to hold down rewind button just to watch again those favorite scenes, or waiting for quite a while just to finish it rewinding so you can watch the whole movie again.

Whether you are very thankful VHS’ and VCR’s became obsolete or miss those buzzing forward and rewind sounds, Google and YouTube has something that will make us relive the feeling again with the 57th anniversary celebration of the Ampex VRX-1000, the very first commercial VCR.

According to a post from YouTube in Google+, VHS tapes and VCR’s were the first choice of entertainment in the living rooms in the world, and with the celebration of its birthday, they said “check out a fun VHS mode for the YouTube player to relive the magic feel of vintage video tapes.”

If you are trying to find the “tape mode” button in YouTube, please be informed that only selected videos has this feature. YouTube did not apply this to all the videos across the site.

So if you are lucky to find one, try it right away! this might be the last chance to see the and relive VHS.

youtube vhs tape mode