YouTube CEO Resigns from Position

Being one of the innovative three founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley, is stepping down as its chief executive.

Chad Hurley, 33, permitted the update slip in a technology conference at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  He said he would be surrendering his CEO title and getting on an advisory role when asked what he was asked the reason why.


Salar Kamangar, vice president of product management, would get over the place, the company said.

The resignation of Hurley did not surprise some YouTube workers, who had been not looking of Hurley over the last two years as Kamangar got on bigger tasks of management the online video company.

Last 2006, Kamangar arrived to YouTube from Google Inc., which bought the website for $1.65 billion.  He and a small group of engineers had occurred with AdWords, the revenue engine that drives greatly of Google’s income.

Kamangar is said to be stimulating with discovering means for YouTube to create money from the billions of user-generated online videos it provides every day. Google has thought the location is on the border of productivity, thanks to the efforts of Kamangar to develop the kind of best content that can control superior advertising rates.

On one occasion, the nuisance of mainstream media since of the exercise of buccaneered content, YouTube currently has turn out to be a promotional stage for content.