YouTube Purchases Next New Networks

YouTube has obtained Web video production company Next New Networks, according to the announcement of its video host.

The recently purchased production team will be on the front position of trying latest YouTube technologies, also as performing as an incubator for up and coming video ability, YouTube says.

Tom Picket, Director of Global Content Operations of YouTube wrote on a company blog that says, “Within YouTube, Next New Networks will be a laboratory for experimentation and innovation with the team working in a hands on way with a wide variety of content partners and emerging talent to help them succeed on YouTube.”

He continued saying that they are excited with the newest ability the group carries and the optimistic impact it will have creating their YouTube partners more triumphant.

Next New Networks

Along with the acquisition news, Pickett as well sketched the latest “YouTube Next” program of the company, which he illustrated as “a new team tasked with super-charging creator development and accelerating partner growth and success.” Those hard works consisted of outreach programs similar to meet-ups and community events along with training and education programs.


According to the report YouTube was looking at Next New Networks as an achievement aim were foremost reported by The New York Times in December, although latest tidbits on the sale had everyone but desiccated ever since subsequently. Costing information of the agreement has not been revealed.


Further Google acquirement that have been YouTube-connected contain comments tool Omnisio in 2008, online video platform Episodic in April of previous year, and emotion analysis and proposal engine Fflick just month. Beyond all those, this is by distant one of the boldest moves in turning YouTube into an innovative content maker of its own, something challengers similar to Microsoft are said to be cooking up to confront presented TV content networks for viewership on Internet-connected TVs and set top boxes.

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