YouTube to launch paid channel subscription next quarter

Paying a channel subscription to watch YouTube?

YouTube, a video-sharing website where you can watch video/TV/movie clips, music videos, short original videos, educational videos, amateur videos like video blogging and spoof videos, is aspiring to introduce paid channel subscriptions this year.

According to a report released by AdAge citing people familiar with the story, at present YouTube has talked to a very few producers with regard to the development of paid channels.

Reportedly, there are already plans on what the first few channels that would require people a fee in order to watch. The cost would be between $1 and $5 every month.

The channels that require subscriptions would probably be created by huge media company like Fullscreen, Machinima, and Maker Studios, in which existing channels have already drawn in to users of YouTube. All the more, the company is also searching for more than the current providers to look for new producers.

Moreover, YouTube is developing a project to charge for other things which included whole libraries of live events, self-help shows, financial advice shows, and videos.

According to sources, the paid channel subscription will be launched next quarter. Initially, the paid channels will be seen as an experiment to start off with just 25 or so.

The complete thought of this plan is to offer YouTube users and viewers a substitution to traditional television, as well as to bring in increased advertisement revenue. The providers can place in their ads in those paid channels.

Google, YouTube’s parent, has confirmed that it is considering paid channel subscriptions.


YouTube to launch paid channel subscription next quarter